Monday, May 24, 2010

the gods of boy flesh

i thank thee, o gods of boy flesh!

today while at the gym, i ran into a good friend from the college. he's 19 and his name is jack. i'm convinced that jack is one of the sexiest men on the planet. he's really f*cking ripped. like kellen lutz ripped, with an ALL OVER (yes ladies, i do mean ALL OVER) golden tan. he was in his skimpy little wisp of a speedo and about to take a dip in the pool. alright...i know what you're thinking, "nobody looks good in a speedo". well, you'd just have to see jack to understand.

and i have also received another bountiful gift from aforementioned gods. but let me give you a little back-story first. i work part time as a "bella swan" stand-in at kids parties. my good friend alex works as my "edward cullen" partner. for the record, no there is NO relationship going on there. next month, we'll be at a local theater getting paid to do a stand-in gig for the release of "eclipse". today, on the way to my car in the parking lot of the gym, i ran into this god-like creature and totally dropped my keys. he was like, "whoa. sorry there. lemme get those for you". (he's shirtless too...and just as ripped as jack *drools*) he picks up my keys, hands them back and introduces himself. his name is jacob. it's no coincidence that i happen to live in seattle, have a job as a "bella" stand-in, and meet a tall, dark, native american named jacob who soon agrees to be our jacob for the movie premier. holy hell. i think i've just died and gone straight to hell. if i was in heaven, i don't think there'd be so much temptation in the form of boy flesh! lol.

so that is why we must praise the gods for their glorious bounty they have provided.

anyway, onto my workout i suppose. *sighs*

my workout went well. i burned 500 on the stair-climber, and 570 in the pool. so, a grand total of -1070 today, not including my daily intake. today, as part of my diet, i've eaten a 100 calorie yogurt, a salad with 40 calorie dressing and 100 calorie tofurky (vegetarian turkey), and bran cereal with a 1/4 cup of skim milk.  so, yeah, it might sound like a lot to some of you who eat less than 500 calories a day, but i lose at least 10lbs a week. so to each their own i suppose. good luck to all of you in your hunt for boy/girl flesh. lol.

think thin.

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