Friday, May 21, 2010


i've chalked up my recent weight loss to nothing more than water weight. so i suppose that just puts me right back up to 140 lbs (64kg). unfortunately, i am going to have to mormon friend is right. caffeine is bad for you. a recent study showed that those who drank a caffeinated drink at least once a day, lost weight very quickly, but soon gained it all back. what they lost was purly water weight and that is what i have been doing. eugh.

anyway, the main topic of this post is to let everybody know that i am joining the bracelet movement within the pro-ana comunity. the colors are as follows:

light pink-ednos
green-currently fasting
black-self injury

i'm not sure what my bracelet will look like yet...

i binged today at lunch and i've gone back to mia. i'm scared of mia actually. i'm terrified that one of these days, my stomach will rupture. eugh. i hope your day goes better than mine has.

think thin

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