Sunday, May 23, 2010

thinner every day

i'm so fed up with this! every time i get even close to 130lbs, i get invited to a party or a get-together, which forces me to eat something or else people bitch and complain. i'm still trying to stay away from mia. it's hard though. at the party i purged twice. eugh. it's like i didn't learn the first time. but on the bright side, i went to the gym yesterday and burned 2530 calories. which is amazing on my standards.

turns out i was right about the water weight. but i'm actually, for sure this time, down to 135lbs. thank god! looks like i'll have to take my dog out for a major run today to keep those calories burning. have you ever wanted to work-out, but you're just to damn lazy to actually get up and DO anything? I can work out on a machine for hours if i had one in my home, but the fact is that i don't. another fact is the stupid gym i go to isn't open on sudays. damn religious freaks. is it such a sin to want to sweat and burn fat and calories on a sunday?! it's the little things like this that piss me off.

i just woke up a little bit ago and i'm supposed to be doing some of my online course work. i had better get on that before my mom barges in and finds me on blogger. i wish you luck in all of your endeavors this week.

think thin.

p.s. i've almost convinced my mom to get me a laptop! if i do, that means more thinspo and more blogging. yah!

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