Sunday, May 23, 2010

horrible day

this is my second update today. i'm updating just to say how awful i was today. i basically threw ana to the curb and broke both her legs the way i was! god only knows how many cookies i ate today. damn. if i'd been able to go the the f*cking gym today, none of this would have happened. f*ck! beyond that, i ate f*cking french fries with f*cking cheese! today was just horrid. absolutely dreadful. if anybody's got any tips or tricks for the weekends, please, PLEASE post them in the comments.

on the upside, i have not had to resort to mia. (then again, that's probably because my mom's been following me around all day...) and i'll be going to the gym tomorrow. if i attack the stair-climber again, i should burn off a good 3000+. wish me luck.

i hope somebody out there is doing a hell of a lot better than i am.

think thin.

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